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WebsitePanel 1.2.0 Release notes

Whats new?

- Enhanced Issue tracking/ Feature requests/ Voting

  • WebsitePanel now uses CodePlex's enhanced Issue tracking, feature request and voting mechanisms. CodePlex allows users to track bugs and features in a simple and open manner. Searching for requests is enhanced by the Advanced filtering mechanism.

CodePlex also allows users to vote UP or DOWN for a particular feature/bug which helps reflect the views of the broader community.

Find out more about how to use these features at

Reporting issues

Feature requests

- New Mercurial source control

  • Mercurial offers WebsitePanel tight integration with CodePlex. Using mercurial will allow WebsitePanel Team to have better control on code versioning and integration. It also makes the code contribution process easy and effective.

Check-out source code

- Community involvement

  • We want you to be involved in making WebsitePanel a better and more community focused solution.

Find out how you can contribute to the project at

How to contribute code

  • Discussions

WebsitePanel now leverages the CodePlex discussion mechanism.

Find out more about how to participate in discussions at

Using Discussions

- New BSD license

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